What are we building?

A brand new estimate page to help Plum admins and HR become self-sufficient and productive.

When will it be available?

Plum’s new estimate page for admins and HRs is now available in closed beta.

Want to be a part of this beta program? Write to us at digvijay@plumhq.com.

We’ll be going live with it for everyone in a few weeks.

When will Plum admins see an estimate page?

If you’re a Plum admin, you will see an estimate page every time you add new team members to your health benefits via your Plum dashboard.

And what does this mean for you?

Starting with the Estimate page, adding new team members to their health benefits will now be as simple (almost 😅) as adding products to an online shopping cart.

But why is it called an Estimate page?

You will see a price value when adding new team members to their health benefits. These values shown against their benefits are estimates.

The actuals will be deducted by the insurance provider upon order completion.

For more details on understanding estimates and how we calculate them, refer to our FAQ section.

Are there any caveats with the beta version of the estimates page?

The estimate page only shows estimated values for addition requests. We will not be showing you estimates when you delete or modify an employee or their family members. This will be made live in the coming weeks.

What else have we revamped?

We have also revamped our Confirmation screen after placing an Addition Request to show if you have an insufficient CD balance for an order.

Read this to know more about maintaining a healthy CD balance and its implications.

What’s more?

We have also revamped our Confirmation screen after you place an Addition Request.

In case of insufficient CD Balance, the insurer will not proceed with the request. Read about the healthy ways to manage your CD Balance here.

What’s next?

Coming up is a brand new orders page with:

  • Status of Health IDs

  • Expected Health IDs delivery date

  • Reasons why an order may be stalled

A sneak peek of the brand new orders page below 👇

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