Download the claims form here for Plum Lite
Download the pre-authorisation form here for Plum Lite

A reimbursement claim should be filed within 30 days from the date of discharge of the person who underwent the treatment.

Documents you should keep handy to file your claim:

1.Claim form (can be downloaded from Plum dashboard)

  • A part of this form needs to be filled by the hospital

  • This form would need to be signed by the treating doctor

  • The bill amounts filled by you in the form should be exactly as per the bills you have received from the hospital (mismatches here is often where most of the delays take place)

2. Your health ID (can be downloaded from the Plum dashboard)

3. Discharge summary with treating doctor's signature

4. Final hospital bill

5. All investigation reports, including COVID when relevant

6. All pharmacy bills

7. Implant sticker or invoice

8. ID proof

9. PAN card

10. Proof of bank account

Few know-hows to make your claim experience smoother -

  • Keep a lookout for all emails from the insurance company and Plum that mark you throughout the process of your claim.

  • Check your settlement letter thoroughly, and don't hold back if you have any questions! Plum's Claims team will be happy to support you with disputing a claim when relevant.

How do you initiate a reimbursement journey on Plum?

  1. Login to

  2. Select Use my insurance

  3. Select your preferred mode of communication and start your journey.

Here's a demo video on how both these paths work.

Remember, you can always reach out to us on if you're facing any difficulties in filing your reimbursement claim.

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