Home care treatment means treatment availed by the insured person at home for Covid-19 on a positive diagnosis of Covid in a government authorised diagnostic centre, which in normal course would require care and treatment at a hospital but is actually taken at home maximum up to 14 days per incident provided that:

  1. The medical practitioner advises the insured person to undergo treatment at home.

  2. There is a continuous active line of treatment with monitoring of the health status by a medical practitioner for each day through the duration of the home care treatment.

  3. Daily monitoring chart including records of treatment administered duly signed by the treating doctor is maintained.

  4. Insured shall remain shall be permitted to avail the services as prescribed by the medical practitioner. Cashless or reimbursement facility shall be offered under the home care expenses subject to the claim settlement policy disclosed on the website.

  5. In case the insurer intends to avail the services of a non-network provider, the claim shall be subject to reimbursement, a prior approval from the insurer needs to be taken before availing such services.

In this benefit, the following shall be covered if prescribed by the treating medical practitioner and is related to the treatment of Covid,

  1. Diagnostic test underwent at home or at diagnostic Centre.

  2. Medicines prescribed in writing

  3. Consultation charges of the medical practitioner

  4. Nursing charges related to medical staff

  5. The medical procedure is limited to parenteral administration of medicine

  6. Cost of pulse oximeter, oxygen cylinder and nebuliser.

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