What is a daycare treatment?

Due to the technological advancements in the medical industry, many surgeries and procedures that earlier required prolonged or at least a day's hospitalization can now be done in less than 24 hours. This short-term hospitalization is called a daycare treatment.

Here is a comprehensive list of daycare treatments covered under Max Bupa Group Health Insurance:

Cardiology Related

  1. Coronary Angiography

Critical Care Related

  1. Insert Non- Tunnel Cv Cath

  2. Insert Picc Cath ( Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter )

  3. Replace Picc Cath ( Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter )

  4. Insertion Catheter, Intra Anterior

  5. Insertion Of Portacath

Dental Related

  1. Splinting Of Avulsed Teeth

  2. Suturing Lacerated Lip

  3. Suturing Oral Mucosa

  4. Oral Biopsy In Case Of Abnormal Tissue Presentation

  5. Fnac

  6. Smear From Oral Cavity

ENT Related

  1. Myringotomy With Grommet Insertion

  2. Tympanoplasty (Closure Of An Eardrum Perforation/Reconstruction Of The Auditory Ossicles)

  3. Removal Of A Tympanic Drain

  4. Keratosis Removal Under Ga

  5. Operations On The Turbinates (Nasal Concha)

  6. Tympanoplasty (Closure Of An Eardrum Perforation/Reconstruction Of The Auditory Ossicles)

  7. Removal Of Keratosis Obturans

  8. Stapedotomy To Treat Various Lesions In Middle Ear

  9. Revision Of A Stapedectomy

  10. Other Operations On The Auditory Ossicles

  11. Myringoplasty (Postaura/Endaural Approach As Well As Simple Type -i Tympanoplasty)

  12. Fenestration Of The Inner Ear

  13. Revision Of A Fenestration Of The Inner Ear

  14. Palatoplasty

  15. Transoral Incision And Drainage Of A Pharyngeal Abscess

  16. Tonsillectomy Without Adenoidectomy

  17. Tonsillectomy With Adenoidectomy

  18. Excision And Destruction Of A Lingual Tonsil

  19. Revision Of A Tympanoplasty

  20. Other Microsurgical Operations On The Middle Ear

  21. Incision Of The Mastoid Process And Middle Ear

  22. Mastoidectomy

  23. Reconstruction Of The Middle Ear

  24. Other Excisions Of The Middle And Inner Ear

  25. Incision (Opening) And Destruction (Elimination) Of The Inner Ear

  26. Other Operations On The Middle And Inner Ear

  27. Excision And Destruction Of Diseased Tissue Of The Nose

  28. Other Operations On The Nose

  29. Nasal Sinus Aspiration

  30. Foreign Body Removal From Nose

  31. Other Operations On The Tonsils And Adenoids

  32. Adenoidectomy

  33. Labyrinthectomy For Severe Vertigo

  34. Stapedectomy Under Ga

  35. Stapedectomy Under La

  36. Tympanoplasty (Type Iv)

  37. Endolymphatic Sac Surgery For Meniere's Disease

  38. Turbinectomy

  39. Endoscopic Stapedectomy

  40. Incision And Drainage Of Perichondritis

  41. Septoplasty

  42. Vestibular Nerve Section

  43. Thyroplasty Type I

  44. Pseudocyst Of The Pinna - Excision

  45. Incision And Drainage - Haematoma Auricle

  46. Tympanoplasty (Type Ii)

  47. Reduction Of Fracture Of Nasal Bone

  48. Thyroplasty Type Ii

  49. Tracheostomy

  50. Excision Of Angioma Septum

  51. Turbinoplasty

  52. Incision & Drainage Of Retro Pharyngeal Abscess

  53. Uvulo Palato Pharyngo Plasty

  54. Adenoidectomy With Grommet Insertion

  55. Adenoidectomy Without Grommet Insertion

  56. Vocal Cord Lateralisation Procedure

  57. Incision & Drainage Of Para Pharyngeal Abscess

  58. Tracheoplasty

Gastroenterology Related

  1. Cholecystectomy And Choledocho-jejunostomy/ Duodenostomy/Gastrostomy/Expl Oration Common Bile Duct

  2. Esophagoscopy, Gastroscopy, Duodenoscopy With Polypectomy/ Removal Of Foreign Body/Diathermy Of Bleeding Lesions

  3. Pancreatic Pseudocyst Eus & Drainage

  4. Rf Ablation For Barrett's Oesophagus

  5. Ercp And Papillotomy

  6. Esophagoscope And Sclerosant Injection

  7. Eus + Submucosal Resection

  8. Construction Of Gastrostomy Tube

  9. Eus + Aspiration Pancreatic Cyst

  10. Small Bowel Endoscopy (Therapeutic)

  11. Colonoscopy ,Lesion Removal

  12. Ercp

  13. Colonscopy Stenting Of Stricture

  14. Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy

  15. Eus And Pancreatic Pseudo Cyst Drainage

  16. Ercp And Choledochoscopy

  17. Proctosigmoidoscopy Volvulus Detorsion

  18. Ercp And Sphincterotomy

  19. Esophageal Stent Placement

  20. Ercp + Placement Of Biliary Stents

  21. Sigmoidoscopy W / Stent

  22. Eus + Coeliac Node Biopsy

  23. Ugi Scopy And Injection Of Adrenaline, Sclerosants Bleeding Ulcers

General Surgery Related

  1. Incision Of A Pilonidal Sinus / Abscess

  2. Fissure In Ano Sphincterotomy

  3. Surgical Treatment Of A Varicocele And A Hydrocele Of The Spermatic Cord

  4. Orchidopexy

  5. Abdominal Exploration In Cryptorchidism

  6. Surgical Treatment Of Anal Fistulas

  7. Division Of The Anal Sphincter (Sphincterotomy)

  8. Epididymectomy

  9. Incision Of The Breast Abscess

  10. Operations On The Nipple

  11. Excision Of Single Breast Lump

  12. Incision And Excision Of Tissue In The Perianal Region

  13. Surgical Treatment Of Hemorrhoids

  14. Other Operations On The Anus

  15. Ultrasound Guided Aspirations

  16. Sclerotherapy

  17. Therapeutic Laparoscopy With Laser

  18. Infected Keloid Excision

  19. Axillary Lymphadenectomy

  20. Wound Debridement And Cover

  21. Abscess-decompression

  22. Cervical Lymphadenectomy

  23. Infected Sebaceous Cyst

  24. Inguinal Lymphadenectomy

  25. Incision And Drainage Of Abscess

  26. Suturing Of Lacerations

  27. Scalp Suturing

  28. Infected Lipoma Excision

  29. Maximal Anal Dilatation

  30. Piles

  31. A)Injection Sclerotherapy

  32. B)Piles Banding

  33. Liver Abscess- Catheter Drainage

  34. Fissure In Ano- Fissurectomy

  35. Fibroadenoma Breast Excision

  36. Oesophageal Varices Sclerotherapy

  37. Ercp - Pancreatic Duct Stone Removal

  38. Perianal Abscess I&D

  39. Perianal Hematoma Evacuation

  40. Ugi Scopy And Polypectomy Oesophagus

  41. Breast Abscess I&D

  42. Feeding Gastrostomy

  43. Oesophagoscopy And Biopsy Of Growth Oesophagus

  44. Ercp - Bile Duct Stone Removal

  45. Ileostomy Closure

  46. Colonoscopy

  47. Polypectomy Colon

  48. Splenic Abscesses Laparoscopic Drainage

  49. Ugi Scopy And Polypectomy Stomach

  50. Rigid Oesophagoscopy For Fb Removal

  51. Feeding Jejunostomy

  52. Colostomy

  53. Ileostomy

  54. Colostomy Closure

  55. Submandibular Salivary Duct Stone Removal

  56. Pneumatic Reduction Of Intussusception

  57. Varicose Veins Legs - Injection Sclerotherapy

  58. Rigid Oesophagoscopy For Plummer Vinson Syndrome

  59. Pancreatic Pseudocysts Endoscopic Drainage

  60. Zadek's Nail Bed Excision

  61. Subcutaneous Mastectomy

  62. Excision Of Ranula Under GA

  63. Rigid Oesophagoscopy For Dilation Of Benign Strictures

  64. Eversion Of Sac Unilateral/Bilateral

  65. Lord's Plication

  66. Jaboulay's Procedure

  67. Scrotoplasty

  68. Circumcision For Trauma

  69. Meatoplasty

  70. Intersphincteric Abscess Incision And Drainage

  71. Psoas Abscess Incision And Drainage

  72. Thyroid Abscess Incision And Drainage

  73. Tips Procedure For Portal Hypertension

  74. Esophageal Growth Stent

  75. Pair Procedure Of Hydatid Cyst Liver

  76. Tru Cut Liver Biopsy

  77. Photodynamic Therapy Or Esophageal Tumour And Lung Tumour

  78. Excision Of Cervical Rib

  79. Laparoscopic Reduction Of Intussusception

  80. Microdochectomy Breast

  81. Surgery For Fracture Penis

  82. Sentinel Node Biopsy

  83. Parastomal Hernia

  84. Revision Colostomy

  85. Prolapsed Colostomy - Correction

  86. Testicular Biopsy

  87. Laparoscopic Cardiomyotomy(Hellers)

  88. Sentinel Node Biopsy Malignant Melanoma

  89. Laparoscopic Pyloromyotomy( Ramstedt)

  90. Excision Of Fistula-in-ano

  91. Excision Juvenile Polyps Rectum

  92. Vaginoplasty

  93. Dilatation Of Accidental Caustic Stricture Oesophageal

  94. Presacral Teratoma Excision

  95. Removal Of Vesical Stone

  96. Excision Sigmoid Polyp

  97. Sternomastoid Tenotomy

  98. Infantile Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis Pyloromyotomy

  99. Excision Of Soft Tissue Rhabdomyosarcoma

  100. Mediastinal Lymph Node Biopsy

  101. High Orchidectomy For Testis Tumours

  102. Excision Of Cervical Teratoma

  103. Rectal-myomectomy

  104. Rectal Prolapse (Delorme's Procedure)

  105. Detorsion Of Torsion Testis

  106. Eua + Biopsy Multiple Fistula In Ano

  107. Cystic Hygroma - Injection Treatment

Gynecology Related

  1. Operations On Bartholin’s Glands (Cyst)

  2. Incision Of The Ovary

  3. Insufflations Of The Fallopian Tubes

  4. Other Operations On The Fallopian Tube

  5. Dilatation Of The Cervical Canal

  6. Conization Of The Uterine Cervix

  7. Therapeutic Curettage With Colposcopy/Biopsy/Diathermy/CryOsurgery/

  8. Laser Therapy Of Cervix For Various Lesions Of Uterus

  9. Other Operations On The Uterine Cervix

  10. Local Excision And Destruction Of Diseased Tissue Of The Vagina And The Pouch Of Douglas

  11. Incision Of Vagina

  12. Incision Of Vulva

  13. Culdotomy

  14. Salpingo-oophorectomy Via Laparotomy

  15. Endoscopic Polypectomy

  16. Hysteroscopic Removal Of Myoma

  17. D&C

  18. Hysteroscopic Resection Of Septum

  19. Thermal Cauterisation Of Cervix

  20. Mirena Insertion

  21. Hysteroscopic Adhesiolysis

  22. Leep (Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure)

  23. Cryocauterization Of Cervix

  24. Polypectomy Endometrium

  25. Hysteroscopic Resection Of Fibroid

  26. Lletz (Large Loop Excision Of Transformation Zone)

  27. Conization

  28. Polypectomy Cervix

  29. Hysteroscopic Resection Of Endometrial Polyp

  30. Vulval Wart Excision

  31. Laparoscopic Paraovarian Cyst Excision

  32. Uterine Artery Embolization

  33. Laparoscopic Cystectomy

  34. Hymenectomy( Imperforate Hymen)

  35. Endometrial Ablation

  36. Vaginal Wall Cyst Excision

  37. Vulval Cyst Excision

  38. Laparoscopic Paratubal Cyst Excision

  39. Repair Of Vagina ( Vaginal Atresia )

  40. Hysteroscopy, Removal Of Myoma

  41. Turbt

  42. Ureterocele Repair - Congenital Internal

  43. Vaginal Mesh For Pop

  44. Laparoscopic Myomectomy

  45. Surgery For Sui

  46. Repair Recto- Vagina Fistula

  47. Pelvic Floor Repair( Excluding Fistula Repair)

  48. Urs + Ll

  49. Laparoscopic Oophorectomy

  50. Normal Vaginal Delivery And Variants

Neurology Related

  1. Facial Nerve Physiotherapy

  2. Nerve Biopsy

  3. Muscle Biopsy

  4. Epidural Steroid Injection

  5. Glycerol Rhizotomy

  6. Spinal Cord Stimulation

  7. Motor Cortex Stimulation

  8. Stereotactic Radiosurgery

  9. Percutaneous Cordotomy

  10. Intrathecal Baclofen Therapy

  11. Entrapment Neuropathy Release

  12. Diagnostic Cerebral Angiography

  13. Vp Shunt

  14. Ventriculoatrial Shunt

Oncology Related

  1. Radiotherapy For Cancer

  2. Cancer Chemotherapy

  3. Iv Push Chemotherapy

  4. Hbi-hemibody Radiotherapy

  5. Infusional Targeted Therapy

  6. Srt-stereotactic Arc Therapy

  7. Sc Administration Of Growth Factors

  8. Continuous Infusional Chemotherapy

  9. Infusional Chemotherapy

  10. Ccrt-concurrent Chemo + Rt

  11. 2d Radiotherapy

  12. 3d Conformal Radiotherapy

  13. Igrt- Image Guided Radiotherapy

  14. Imrt- Step & Shoot

  15. Infusional Bisphosphonates

  16. Imrt- Dmlc

  17. Rotational Arc Therapy

  18. Telegamma Therapy

  19. Fsrt-fractionated Srt

  20. Vmat-volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy

  21. Sbrt-stereotactic Body Radiotherapy

  22. Helical Tomotherapy

  23. Srs-stereotactic Radiosurgery

  24. X-knife Srs

  25. Gammaknife Srs

  26. Tbi- Total Body Radiotherapy

  27. Intraluminal Brachytherapy

  28. Electron Therapy

  29. Tset-total Electron Skin Therapy

  30. Extracorporeal Irradiation Of Blood Products

  31. Telecobalt Therapy

  32. Telecesium Therapy

  33. External Mould Brachytherapy

  34. Interstitial Brachytherapy

  35. Intracavity Brachytherapy

  36. 3d Brachytherapy

  37. Implant Brachytherapy

  38. Intravesical Brachytherapy

  39. Adjuvant Radiotherapy

  40. Afterloading Catheter Brachytherapy

  41. Conditioning Radiotherapy For Bmt

  42. Extracorporeal Irradiation To The Homologous Bone Grafts

  43. Radical Chemotherapy

  44. Neoadjuvant Radiotherapy

  45. Ldr Brachytherapy

  46. Palliative Radiotherapy

  47. Radical Radiotherapy

  48. Palliative Chemotherapy

  49. Template Brachytherapy

  50. Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy

  51. Adjuvant Chemotherapy

  52. Induction Chemotherapy

  53. Consolidation Chemotherapy

  54. Maintenance Chemotherapy

  55. Hdr Brachytherapy

Operations on the salivary glands & salivary ducts

  1. Incision And Lancing Of A Salivary Gland And A Salivary Duct

  2. Excision Of Diseased Tissue Of A Salivary Gland And A Salivary Duct

  3. Resection Of A Salivary Gland

  4. Reconstruction Of A Salivary Gland And A Salivary Duct

  5. Other Operations On The Salivary Glands And Salivary Ducts

Operations on the skin & subcutaneous tissues

  1. Other Incisions Of The Skin And Subcutaneous Tissues

  2. Surgical Wound Toilet (Wound Debridement) And Removal Of Diseased Tissue Of The Skin And Subcutaneous Tissues

  3. Local Excision Of Diseased Tissue Of The Skin And Subcutaneous Tissues

  4. Other Excisions Of The Skin And Subcutaneous Tissues

  5. Simple Restoration Of Surface Continuity Of The Skin And Subcutaneous Tissues

  6. Free Skin Transplantation, Donor Site

  7. Free Skin Transplantation, Recipient Site

  8. Revision Of Skin Plasty

  9. Other Restoration And Reconstruction Of The Skin And Subcutaneous Tiss

  10. Chemosurgery To The S

  11. Destruction Of Diseased Tissue In The Skin And Subcutaneous Tissues336

  12. Reconstruction Of Deformity/Defect In Nail Bed

  13. Excision Of Bursirtis

  14. Tennis Elbow Release

Operations on the Tongue

  1. Incision, Excision And Destruction Of Diseased Tissue Of The Tongue

  2. Partial Glossectomy

  3. Glossectomy

  4. Reconstruction Of The Tongue

  5. Small Reconstruction Of The Tongue

Ophthalmology Related

  1. Surgery For Cataract

  2. Incision Of Tear Glands

  3. Other Operations On The Tear Ducts

  4. Incision Of Diseased Eyelids

  5. Excision And Destruction Of Diseased Tissue Of The Eyelid

  6. Operations On The Canthus And Epicanthus

  7. Corrective Surgery For Entropion And Ectropion

  8. Corrective Surgery For Blepharoptosis

  9. Removal Of A Foreign Body From The Conjunctiva

  10. Removal Of A Foreign Body From The Cornea

  11. Incision Of The Cornea

  12. Operations For Pterygium

  13. Other Operations On The Cornea

  14. Removal Of A Foreign Body From The Lens Of The Eye

  15. Removal Of A Foreign Body From The Posterior Chamber Of The Eye

  16. Removal Of A Foreign Body From The Orbit And Eyeball

  17. Correction Of Eyelid Ptosis By Levator Palpebrae Superioris Resection (Bilateral)

  18. Correction Of Eyelid Ptosis By Fascia Lata Graft (Bilateral)

  19. Diathermy/Cryotherapy To Treat Retinal Tear

  20. Anterior Chamber Paracentesis/ Cyclodiathermy/Cyclocryotherap Y/ Goniotomy/Trabeculotomy And Filtering And Allied Operations To Treat Glaucoma

  21. Enucleation Of Eye Without Implant

  22. Dacryocystorhinostomy For Various Lesions Of Lacrimal Gland

  23. Laser Photocoagulation To Treat Ratinal Tear

  24. Biopsy Of Tear Gland

  25. Treatment Of Retinal Lesion

Orthopedics Related

  1. Surgery For Meniscus Tear

  2. Incision On Bone, Septic And Aseptic

  3. Closed Reduction On Fracture, Luxation Or Epiphyseolysis With Osteosynthesis

  4. Suture And Other Operations On Tendons And Tendon Sheath

  5. Reduction Of Dislocation Under Ga

  6. Arthroscopic Knee Aspiration

  7. Surgery For Ligament Tear

  8. Surgery For Hemoarthrosis/Pyoarthrosis

  9. Removal Of Fracture Pins/Nails

  10. Removal Of Metal Wire

  11. Closed Reduction On Fracture, Luxation

  12. Reduction Of Dislocation Under Ga

  13. Epiphyseolysis With Osteosynthesis

  14. Excision Of Various Lesions In Coccyx

  15. Arthroscopic Repair Of Acl Tear Knee

  16. Closed Reduction Of Minor Fractures

  17. Arthroscopic Repair Of Pcl Tear Knee

  18. Tendon Shortening

  19. Arthroscopic Meniscectomy - Knee

  20. Treatment Of Clavicle Dislocation

  21. Haemarthrosis Knee- Lavage

  22. Abscess Knee Joint Drainage

  23. Carpal Tunnel Release

  24. Closed Reduction Of Minor Dislocation

  25. Repair Of Knee Cap Tendon

  26. Orif With K Wire Fixation- Small Bones

  27. Release Of Midfoot Joint

  28. Orif With Plating- Small Long Bones

  29. Implant Removal Minor

  30. K Wire Removal

  31. Pop Application

  32. Closed Reduction And External Fixation

  33. Arthrotomy Hip Joint

  34. Syme's Amputation

  35. Arthroplasty

  36. Partial Removal Of Rib

  37. Treatment Of Sesamoid Bone Fracture

  38. Shoulder Arthroscopy / Surgery

  39. Elbow Arthroscopy

  40. Amputation Of Metacarpal Bone

  41. Release Of Thumb Contracture

  42. Incision Of Foot Fascia

  43. Calcaneum Spur Hydrocort Injection

  44. Ganglion Wrist Hyalase Injection

  45. Partial Removal Of Metatarsal

  46. Repair / Graft Of Foot Tendon

  47. Revision/Removal Of Knee Cap

  48. Amputation Follow-up Surgery

  49. Exploration Of Ankle Joint

  50. Remove/Graft Leg Bone Lesion

  51. Repair/Graft Achilles Tendon

  52. Remove Of Tissue Expander

  53. Biopsy Elbow Joint Lining

  54. Removal Of Wrist Prosthesis

  55. Biopsy Finger Joint Lining

  56. Tendon Lengthening

  57. Treatment Of Shoulder Dislocation

  58. Lengthening Of Hand Tendon

  59. Removal Of Elbow Bursa

  60. Fixation Of Knee Joint

  61. Treatment Of Foot Dislocation

  62. Surgery Of Bunion

  63. Intra Articular Steroid Injection

  64. Tendon Transfer Procedure

  65. Removal Of Kneecap Bursa

  66. Treatment Of Fracture Of Ulna

  67. Treatment Of Scapula Fracture

  68. Removal Of Tumor Of Arm/ Elbow Under Ra/Ga

  69. Repair Of Ruptured Tendon

  70. Decompress Forearm Space

  71. Revision Of Neck Muscle (Torticollis Release )

  72. Lengthening Of Thigh Tendons

  73. Treatment Fracture Of Radius & Ulna

  74. Repair Of Knee Joint

Other operations on the mouth & face

  1. External Incision And Drainage In The Region Of The Mouth, Jaw And Face

  2. Incision Of The Hard And Soft Palate

  3. Excision And Destruction Of Diseased Hard And Soft Palate

  4. Incision, Excision And Destruction In The Mouth

  5. Other Operations In The Mouth

Plastic Surgery Related

  1. Construction Skin Pedicle Flap

  2. Gluteal Pressure Ulcer-excision

  3. Muscle-skin Graft, Leg

  4. Removal Of Bone For Graft

  5. Muscle-skin Graft Duct Fistula

  6. Removal Cartilage Graft

  7. Myocutaneous Flap

  8. Fibro Myocutaneous Flap

  9. Breast Reconstruction Surgery After Mastectomy

  10. Sling Operation For Facial Palsy

  11. Split Skin Grafting Under Ra

  12. Wolfe Skin Graft

  13. Plastic Surgery To The Floor Of The Mouth Under Ga

Thoracic surgery Related

  1. Thoracoscopy And Lung Biopsy

  2. Excision Of Cervical Sympathetic Chain Thoracoscopic

  3. Laser Ablation Of Barrett's Oesophagus

  4. Pleurodesis

  5. Thoracoscopy And Pleural Biopsy

  6. Ebus + Biopsy

  7. Thoracoscopy Ligation Thoracic Duct

  8. Thoracoscopy Assisted Empyema Drainage

Urology Related

  1. Haemodialysis

  2. Lithotripsy/Nephrolithotomy For Renal Calculus

  3. Excision Of Renal Cyst

  4. Drainage Of Pyonephrosis/Perinephric Abscess

  5. Incision Of The Prostate

  6. Transurethral Excision And Destruction Of Prostate Tissue

  7. Transurethral And Percutaneous Destruction Of Prostate Tissue

  8. Open Surgical Excision And Destruction Of Prostate Tissue

  9. Radical Prostatovesiculectomy

  10. Other Excision And Destruction Of Prostate Tissue

  11. Operations On The Seminal Vesicles

  12. Incision And Excision Of Periprostatic Tissue

  13. Other Operations On The Prostate

  14. Incision Of The Scrotum And Tunica Vaginalis Testis

  15. Operation On A Testicular Hydrocele

  16. Excision And Destruction Of Diseased Scrotal Tissue

  17. Other Operations On The Scrotum And Tunica Vaginalis Testis

  18. Incision Of The Testes

  19. Excision And Destruction Of Diseased Tissue Of The Testes

  20. Unilateral Orchidectomy

  21. Bilateral Orchidectomy

  22. Surgical Repositioning Of An Abdominal Testis

  23. Reconstruction Of The Testis

  24. Implantation, Exchange And Removal Of A Testicular Prosthesis

  25. Other Operations On The Testis

  26. Excision In The Area Of The Epididymis

  27. Operations On The Foreskin

  28. Local Excision And Destruction Of Diseased Tissue Of The Penis

  29. Amputation Of The Penis

  30. Other Operations On The Penis

  31. Cystoscopical Removal Of Stones

  32. Catheterisation Of Bladder

  33. Lithotripsy

  34. Biopsy Oftemporal Artery For Various Lesions

  35. External Arterio-venous Shunt

  36. Av Fistula - Wrist

  37. Ursl With Stenting

  38. Ursl With Lithotripsy

  39. Cystoscopic Litholapaxy

  40. Eswl

  41. Bladder Neck Incision

  42. Cystoscopy & Biopsy

  43. Cystoscopy And Removal Of Polyp

  44. Suprapubic Cystostomy

  45. Percutaneous Nephrostomy

  46. Cystoscopy And "Sling" Procedure

  47. Tuna- Prostate

  48. Excision Of Urethral Diverticulum

  49. Removal Of Urethral Stone

  50. Excision Of Urethral Prolapse

  51. Mega-ureter Reconstruction

  52. Kidney Renoscopy And Biopsy

  53. Ureter Endoscopy And Treatment

  54. Vesico Ureteric Reflux Correction

  55. Surgery For Pelvi Ureteric Junction Obstruction

  56. Anderson Hynes Operation (Open Pyelopalsty )

  57. Kidney Endoscopy And Biopsy

  58. Paraphimosis Surgery

  59. Injury Prepuce- Circumcision

  60. Frenular Tear Repair

  61. Meatotomy For Meatal Stenosis

  62. Surgery For Fournier's Gangrene Scrotum

  63. Surgery Filarial Scrotum

  64. Surgery For Watering Can Perineum

  65. Repair Of Penile Torsion

  66. Drainage Of Prostate Abscess

  67. Orchiectomy

  68. Cystoscopy And Removal Of Fb

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