Resources for tackling Covid-19

Follow these 15 COVID Appropriate Behaviours

  • How to use masks?

Public advice on masks from the World Health Organisation(WHO).

  • How to home isolate?

MoHFW - Video on Home Isolation for very mild/ pre-symptomatic COVID patients:

Preventing COVID transmission: Animations, Videos, Q&As, Personalized Risk Assessment:

  • Where can I find FAQs on COVID and related health topics

  • Where can I get Infographics on COVID?

You can find valuable infographics on COVID-19 here.

The World Health Organisation(WHO) has created a range of educational videos on COVID-19.

  • Do you need help with Physical & Mental fitness, Parenting, Quitting Tobacco and Diets?

Check out various valuable resources here.

Resources on COVID-19 vaccination

  • What does WHO say about getting vaccinated?

The World Health Organisation's take on vaccination can be found here.

  • Do you need information on India’s COVID-19 Vaccination Programme?

India's COVID-19 vaccination program can be found on the Ministry of health's website.

Frequently asked questions regarding vaccination and the Co-win platform can be found here.

Resources for tackling COVID-19 at your workplace

Additional Information

  • An E-Book for young children on COVID-19 - Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI)

  • Advocacy: Violence against women/children/older people and Human rights.

  • What are the common myths surrounding COVID19?

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