Sometimes, you might have specified the wrong email address of an employee when they were onboarded to Plum. Or you might want to add new dependents of the employees to the policy.

Using the HR dashboard, you can

Update an employee's details

To edit an employee's details, click on the three dots and then click on Edit employee.

The edit employee window displays existing information about an employee. You can make the required changes here.

You can then review all your changes before submitting them for approval.

Plum’s team will now work with your insurer and edit these details. The team will also be available for any questions you might need help with.

Add or remove an employee's dependents

Edit an employee's dependents by clicking on the Manage dependents option after you click the three dots.

The dependents window displays the existing dependents of an employee. You can edit, add, or remove dependents from here.

Plum’s team will now work with your insurer and help you adjust your premium in accordance with the new changes. Please note that we don't recommend making addition of lives that were present at the policy inception date.

For new additions, the premium will increase and is deducted from your CD balance. Therefore, it is advised to top-up your CD balance before proceeding with additions.

And for deletions, the premium will decrease. The difference will be added to your CD balance if the dependent didn't make claims during the policy period. The Plum team will also be available for any help around getting these changes finalized.

Once you've made all your changes, review them and submit them for approval.

Change an employee’s email address

If an employee is associated with an incorrect email address, you can edit it by clicking the Edit employee email option that appears when you click ON the three dots.

Make the changes in the window that pops up and Plum will associate that email against the employee. And an email will be sent to the new email ID to reset the password.

Invite an employee to sign up for their Plum account

When employees are onboarded to Plum, they receive an email asking them to sign up for Plum. Once they sign up, they can access details about their policies and benefits.

If they had missed the signup email, you can trigger it again from the HR dashboard. Click on Send email invite after you click on the three dots next to an employee's name.

This will trigger an email from Plum to your employee, inviting them to set up their account and explore their policy and benefits.

Remove an employee

Remove an employee by clicking the Remove employee option that appears when you click the three dots.

Enter their last date at the organization and confirm the deletion.

When an employee is removed, Plum's team will inform the insurer. The insurer will initiate a refund (pro-rata premium) if the employee hadn't made claims during the policy period.

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